Why Become a Member

UTOPIA is FREE to join, with no Annual Fees. We want everyone to share the benefits of being able to purchase gift certificates and vouchers, always at discounted prices.

However, we also would like to further reward loyal customers.

Every Calendar Year**, we calculate how loyal you were and give you a status the following year to reward you.

Below are some of the Member and Status Benefits UTOPIA is proud to provide.

But remember, whatever your status is, we thank you for your support and value each and one of our UTOPIA Member.


UTOPIA Member Benefits at a glance

*Additional Discount is provided in the form of campaign code that can be used all year, and cannot be combined with other campaign codes or with PROMO EXEMPT Items.
**Purchase amount made between January 1st and December 31st is calculated to determine your status. Orders cancelled are not counted.
Above program is for the 2015-2016 Calendar year. Content and benefits of the Member Benefits may change without further notice.