How to make a purchase on UTOPIA

1. Find your item

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 1. Find your item

Select your area by using the pull-down menu on the upper right hand corner. Or you can type in the search box keywords to find your item.


Search items by using the Category field. Look for specially marked items in the Special Promotions section.

2. Shopping Cart

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 2. Shopping Cart

Find an item you want? Click "Purchase" botton.


Always remember to read the Gift Certificate Terms and Conditions before making a purchase.

3. Change quantity

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 3. Change quantity

Change your quantity here.


If you would like to add more items to your cart, click "Continue Shopping."

If you've found everything you need, click "Proceed to Check out"

4. Sign In / Sign Up

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 4. Sign In / Sign Up

If you are already signed up, simply log in.


If you have not yet signed up, please enter the required fields to sign up.
※Your address and phone number is used for security purposes when verifying your identity. Also when we give out giveaways, we will send it to the registered address.

5. Payment Information

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 5. Payment Information

Enter your payment information and read the "Terms of Use" and our "Privacy Policy." If everything looks OK, click "Confirm."
※You will not be charged at this time.

For security purposes, UTOPIA does not store your Credit Card or any other payment information.
Please note that to maximize your privacy, we ask that you enter your payment information everytime you make a purchase,

6. Campaign Code/Order Confirm

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 6. Campaign Code

Have a Campaign Code? Enter it here, and click "Apply."


Double check your order, including to make sure your campaign code has been properly applied, then click "Place Order."

7. Order Completed

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 7. Order Completed

Your purchase has been made. You will receive TWO emails: 1) Order Receipt 2) Notice to let you know your E-Voucher is ready for print out (usually within 30 minutes of purchase)

You can print out your E-Voucher from MY UTOPIA Page or from the second email. Sign in required.

8. Printing your E-Voucher

How to make a purchase on UTOPIA 8. Printout E-Voucher

To print out your E-Voucher, click the green "PRINT" button.
※Once you've accessed the "Print" Page, the status will change to PRINTED. However, you can still reprint as long as the E-Voucher has not been used.

Click HERE for more info on E-Vouchers.


Click the "PRINT E-Voucher" button to print, and it will take you to your browser's print settings.
※Black and White is OK.
※Please make sure the entire E-Voucher is printed on a single page, and is a reasonable size.