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For Users

UTOPIA has myriad of products that will help you enrich your life and save money. In addition to the new arrivals and recommended products on the top page, check out other products in the categories on the right side of your screen!

As of November, 2011, all purchases are operated under U.S. Credit Card processing company and limited to purchases within the United States. For updates on expansion of our service to other parts of the globe, we will be notifying you in our website.

The Business Hours for UTOPIA Customer Service is from Monday through Friday, 9:30AM ~ 5:00PM (PST). We are closed on weekends and other national holidays.

How to make a purchase

In order to make a purchase on UTOPIA, you must first become a member. UTOPIA Membership is FREE, and there are no annual fees nor purchase requirements.

Below are the simple steps in making a purchase and redeeming the gift certificates. For a detailed step-by-step version, you can click HERE to go to the UTOPIA Tutorial Page.

  1. When you find a product you want to buy, press "Purchase" icon.

  2. If you haven't signed in yet, please enter your email address and password and sign in.

  3. After choosing all your desired items and its quantity, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Enter all required information and proceed. (Your credit card will not be charged at this time)
    ※Please note that UTOPIA does not store any of your payment information for security purposes, and you will be asked to enter your payment information each time you make a purchase.

  4. If you have a campaign code, please enter the campaign code into the designated box, and click "APPLY". Please double check to make sure the campaign code has been accepted and your purchase items and the price is correctly listed. If everything looks good, press "Place Order". (Your credit card will be charged at this time)

  5. You will receive an automated order confirmation email with details of your purchase. Please keep this email as for your record.

  6. Within 30 minutes of your purchase, you will receive another email from UTOPIA, which will provide you with a printout page link for your gift certificate.

  7. You can print out your gift certificate (E-Voucher) at this time, or print out whenever you decide to use the gift certificate. You can access the printout page through the email, or from MY UTOPIA page.
    ※To access your MY UTOPIA page, simply sign in, and it will take you to the page.

  8. Take the printout E-Voucher to the designated business to redeem service.

Regarding Campaign Codes

UTOPIA at times, will provide special Campaign Codes that will allow you to receive Extra Discounts or receive Giveaway Items. You can gain access to these campaign codes from our Promotional Mail Magazine or from our Facebook Page.

Please note that some Campaign Codes may have restrictions, including exclusivity to certain members, certain items, and/or expiration dates. Furthermore, some products on UTOPIA may not be used in conjunction with a Campaign Code, labeled “PROMO EXEMPT”, and you will not be able to use campaign codes for these items. If you are using a campaign code, please remove all PROMO EXEMPT items from your cart and complete your purchase.

Campaign Code can be entered at the top of the "Order Confirmation" page. For a visual instructions, please refer to the UTOPIA Tutorial Page.

  1. Select product(s) desired into your shopping cart

  2. Enter credit card information

  3. At the top of the "Order Confirmation" page, enter the designated Campaign Code and press "Apply"

  4. Double check to see if your shopping cart is correct and that the discount or campaign code has been reflected on your order. Once you have checked it, press "Place Order"

Regarding UTOPIA's Electronic Voucher System (E-Voucher)

Gift Certificates or vouchers purchased on UTOPIA will be provided to you in the form of an Electronic Voucher (E-Voucher) for your convenience. This way, you can print out your gift certificates according to your needs, and take it to the store within minutes of a purchase. Please note that a printout of the Voucher is required and you cannot bring or show your E-Vouchers on your smartphone or tablet.

Please be careful of printing out multiple copies of the same E-Vouchers. Once used, the status of the E-Voucher will be changed to USED, and you will not be able to redeem them anymore. If you get confused, you can always check the status of the E-Vouchers from your MY UTOPIA page.


Please note that all electronic vouchers are given a unique E-Voucher ID, and if the ID does not match with our records, you will not be able to use the voucher. If you do not have a printer please use public printers available in your area (i.e. Kinkos, public library, work, etc) to print out the voucher.
UTOPIA will not be responsible for lost or stolen Electronic Voucher. Protect like cash. Customers must bring the printed out E-voucher to the store to redeem service. UTOPIA is currently in the process of developing a smartphone app, but until then, printed out E-voucher is required.

PRINTGift Certificate has been created and has not been printed yet.
PRINTEDYou have accessed the gift certificate in the past, but has not been used.
USEDGift Certificate has been purchased but has already been used.
VOIDGift Certificate has been cancelled by the request of the customer and cannot be used.
HOLDPlease contact Customer Support for details.

Cancellation/Exchange/Refund Policy

Cancellation or Refunds are accepted only if all three conditions are met:

  1. Within 3 days of purchase (Cooling Off Period).
  2. Certificate is not expired.
  3. Certificate is unused.

Please contact within 3 days of purchase to request cancel/refund.
If product or giveaway item has been already shipped, please ship back the package to the designated address included in the e-mail from UTOPIA.
Shipping fee will not be compensated in the case of Cooling Off Cancellation.
Please read [Gift Certificate Details] and [Terms and Conditions] carefully before making any purchases.

If we receive news that one of the stores sold on UTOPIA is closing for any reasons, we will notify it on Important Notifications from UTOPIA Page. If we do not notify you before the two week period, you will be entitled to a full refund for the amount you paid.

For refund, it must satisfy the following conditions:
  1. Purchase of the gift certificate was made within the past year (365 days of the notice)
  2. Gift certificate has not expired
  3. Gift certificate has not been used and is present
  4. You are the purchaser of the gift certificate

In the case where the business owner of the gift certificate or vouchers refuses to accept, please notify us and we will confirm the situation with the business in question. If negotiations fail, we will refund you the amount under the same terms as the store closure.

Refunds are made directly to your credit card. If your credit card has expired or have used a PREPAID CARD, please notify us and we will provide a refund check. Depending on your credit card, we may not be able to directly make a refund, and in such circumstances, we will be providing a refund check to the registered address. Please note that checks must be cashed in an appropriate time frame, and reissuing of lost, damaged or expired checks will cost $40.00.

How to gain special promotional news

  1. Promotional Mail Subscription
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  2. Like us on Facebook
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For Shop and Restaurant Owners

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